The triune brain

It is scientifically underpinned that significant personality traits depend on individual functions of the brain.

The renowned American brain researcher Professor Dr. Paul D. MacLean was able to prove that the human brain consists of three sections which control different functions (functional structure of the brain). Despite their differences, these three very different brain sections must still work together in the triune brain and communicate - but each one sticks to its own very specific rules of the game. Human behaviour evolves only from the interplay of the instinctive reaction of the brain stem, the emotional, impulsive limbic system, and the cool, rational reaction of the neo-cortex.
Every human being has a different, genetically influenced relation to the three brain sections, which for adults is consistent. The individual biostructure.
The anthropologist Rolf W. Schirm, in cooperation with MacLean, identified and defined typical personality traits or behaviourisms in the biostructure that demonstrate a clear link with the three brains. A herefrom derived catalogue of questions for determining the individual influence of the three brains is drawn up during the seminar and visualized with the Structogram.
The reason for this individual level of activity of the three brain sections lies in the neurotransmitter-homeostasis.
In human personality, Biostructural Analysis makes a distinction between a genetically predetermined, non-changeable basic structure and environmentally-determined‚ changeable characteristics and with that which personality traits or behaviourisms can and cannot be long-term changed.

I am unique - so are others

Particular strengths of Structogram are the fact that it is easy to use, it is not time consuming, the memorable visualization of results and above all the simple and direct transfer of skills.

The Biostructural Analysis is compiled during a seminar. It is not a psychological test but rather a non-judgmental method for determining the individual, genetic basic personality structure and behaviour of a person.
The Structogram, as the visualized result of the Biostructural Analysis, gives the seminar participant the key to self-knowledge. This means he obtains precise knowledge of his basic structure and thereby knowledge of his strengths, weaknesses and limits.
Instead of general "recipes for action" the individuality of each person becomes the main focus so that he/she can thereby optimally make complete use of his/her personal potential. He/she learns how to continue to develop in harmony with his/her nature and remain authentic.
The Triogram which is derived from the Structogram gives the seminar participant the key to understanding others. He/She can understand people better in terms of their individuality, treat them more appropriately, and avoid unnecessary conflicts. This results in the optimization of social competence, a key prerequisite for long-term sales success and successful leadership.

Foundation for successful personality development

With the Structogram Training System the individual motives and needs of customers and employees can be satisfied faster.

The Biostructural Analysis is the tried and proven foundation for personality development. The Structogram is compiled during seminars under the guidance of licensed Structogram trainers. The entire training is more realistic and effective because not only the environmental but above all the genetic and unchangeable elements of the human personality are taken into consideration. Structogram trainers use Biostructural Analysis to individualize their follow-up trainings. With great success they integrate the Structogram into, for example, leadership; sales and communication training.

The Structogram Training System

STRUCTOGRAM® Training System 1:
Key to Self-knowledge

In the seminar Key to Self-knowledge the Structogram gives you precise knowledge of your personality structure and with that knowledge of your capabilities and limits.

STRUCTOGRAM® Trainings-System 2:
Key to Understanding Others

In the seminar Key to Understanding Others you will learn to use the Triogram to recognize the personality structure of others and to optimize your social competence.  

STRUCTOGRAM® Trainings-System 3:
Key to Understanding the Customer

In the seminar Key to Understanding the Customer you will learn to sell the same product in different ways to different customers and build-up lasting customer loyalty and trust.

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