I am unique - so are others

Particular strengths of Structogram are the fact that it is easy to use, it is not time consuming, the memorable visualization of results and above all the simple and direct transfer of skills. With the Structogram Training System you will find out more about yourself and create the preconditions for long-term success. You will be able to apply your strengths more effectively, better understand other people and gain their trust.

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STRUCTOGRAM® Training System 1

In the seminar Key to Self-knowledge the Structogram gives you precise knowledge of your personality structure and with that knowledge of your capabilities and limits.

STRUCTOGRAM® Training System 2

In the seminar Key to Understanding Others you will learn to use the Triogram to recognize the personality structure of others and to optimize your social competence.

STRUCTOGRAM® Training System 3

In the seminar Key to Understanding the Customer you will learn to sell the same product in different ways to different customers and build-up lasting customer loyalty and trust.

About me


I am a graduate of technical studies and postgraduate of social communication studies. Previously I have been working professionally in marketing and for almost five years I have advised customers on insurances, working with the largest insurance companies in the world. My passion is self-development, so I did a lot of training with international coaches. My passion has turned into a willingness to help others, so I became a licensed STRUCTOGRAM trainer, a developmental and educational method that allows me to better understand myself and thus better communicate with my partner, client or co-worker.


I am a happy wife and mother of beautiful little girl. I have a twin sister. I play tennis and I love to discover new countries, their culture, customs and people.